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  • Only 2 Left!
  • Your brand on the website, t-shirts, all printed materials & conference badges.
  • Custom banner on website.
  • Your brand on ALL VIDEOS
  • 10' x 10' Booth
  • 2 VIP Tickets and 30% off additional tickets.


  • Only 3 Left!
  • Your brand on the website.

Exclusive Partnerships

Co-Branded Conference

STLXCon Presented by…

You’ll receive exclusive website and event co-branding. This means your name on everything: the stage, the video intros, the t-shirts, the badges, printed materials, and all over the website. You’ll also get a 10′ x 10′ booth and 8 VIP Tickets. You’ll also get 40% off up to 8 additional tickets.

1 Available

Gala Partner

Come join us at the [insert name] Gala…

All VIPs will be invited to the ‘Meet the Speakers’ at the VIP Gala on night one. There will be a multi-course dinner, cocktails, and a band. We’re going to name the gala after you… AND THE BAND!

You’ll receive 4 VIP tickets, and your logo on the website and all printed materials. We’re also tossing in free digital banner space on the website and 40% off up to 8 additional tickets.

1 Available

Inclusion Partner

Accessibility Services Brought to you by…

Accessibility is our theme this year. We expect better than average numbers of impaired attendees. To make their eXperiences extra special, we’ve hired an abundance of sign interpreters, made everything wheelchair accessible, and created braille materials. This is an expensive task – help us make their visit as delightful as yours.

You’re brand will be at the help desk, on the stage, t-shirts, badge, all printed materials, and the website. We’d also like to see you at the Gala so we’re throwing in 4 VIP tickets. You’ll get 40% off up to 8 additional tickets.

1 Available