Tom Greever - Bitovi

Tom Greever

Tom Greever is the UX Director at Bitovi Agency. They help companies create better web applications, and have worked with clients such as WalMart, T Mobile, and

His book, Articulating Design Decisions, helps designers justify design to non-designers. Tom helps companies and organizations design better websites and apps as the UX & Design Lead at Bitovi, a front-end design and development consulting company. Bitovi has worked with both small startups and large corporations across many different industries.

Hairy Arms, Painting Ducks, and Design Decisions

Convincing someone else of our design decisions is difficult. It can be so difficult, in fact, that we’ll do almost anything to make sure that we don’t have to make changes we disagree with.

But from simple psychology to outright deception, not all tactics are created equal. We need to find ways to be persuasive with stakeholders without using trickery. Actually, the same approaches we champion with users of our products are also helpful in our meetings about design.

Learn how to manage the conversation through effective techniques that will help others agree with our choices while maintaining the integrity of the user experience.

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