Stephen Bolen - Emerson

Stephen Bolen

Stephen is a Senior User Interface, Interaction, and User Experience Designer with over 18 years of experience of design and front-end development of complex applications, from desktop to mobile, for Fortune 500 clients and the United States Department of Defense. Currently, Stephen is the User Experience Leader at Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions, where he is responsible for the experience design of Sensi, a top-rated Wi-Fi thermostat on Amazon and winner of the inaugural 2016 J.D. Power Smart Thermostat Customer Satisfaction Award.

Designing Connected Products (IoT)

Internet of Things


The journey from traditional product to internet-enabled device is not quite as easy as it seems – contrary to popular belief, it’s not as simple as “put a chip in it.” However, that’s what a lot of companies are trying to do. Do you really need an IoT toaster? Join Stephen as he helps you navigate the choppy waters of designing connected products that customers love.

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