Patrick McGowan - The Service Design Group

Patrick McGowan

Patrick is a pioneer in service design, customer experience, innovation and management, with particular focus on enterprise B2B organizations. His firm, The Service Design Group, is the premier customer experience and service design consultancy specializing in service innovation, management and process engineering. The Service Design Group created Service Path and Real Service DesignTM to enable organizations to apply service innovation and management to achieve business results. Recent clients include U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Johnson Controls, Etix and Taco Bell.

Real Service Design

Real Service DesignTM

Let’s face it. There’s a gap between what organizations need and what most design professionals provide. Rather than focus on business models, service levels, utility, warranty and results, most practitioners simply design (often digital only) experiences. It’s time to get Real!

Real Service DesignTM shreds through business models and cuts down barriers. It increases profits, maximizes utilization, expands wallet share and mitigates churn. Real Service DesignTM produces holistic solutions across people, process, content, technology and environments; and, it can be measured, managed, continuously improved and explicitly mapped to business results!

Real. Serious. Results.

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