Evelyn Rasmussen - Intuit

Evelyn Rasmussen

Evelyn played a variety of roles including Product Management and Brand & Social Marketing at Intuit, before landing in the world of design. Her diverse background influences her desire to solve real and important problems. She loves living in San Francisco as simple things, like walking or taking the bus, help her identify design opportunities and gain design inspiration.

How To Abandon One Career Path To Pursue UX
(and scare the shit out of yourself in the process)

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In this talk, I will share my story about how a person with no design experience, a degree in electrical engineering, and a career in product management became inspired to move into UX, and all the challenges I faced along the way. Join me on this adventure of personal change and transformation.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Inspiration for those looking to make a similar leap

  • Feeling empowered to take risks no matter the odds

  • Hearing an authentic story from a peer, not an established leader

  • A lesson in following your dream and ignoring the doubters

  • Practical examples, advice, and accounts on how to make a similar transitions against all odds

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