Erik Flowers - Intuit

Erik Flowers

Erik is the Co-founder of Practical Service Design and the Principal Designer at Intuit. Also, as his LinkedIn profile suggests, a writer, speaker, zealot. Erik loves to spend his free time stirring the Service Design pot. Disruption is the goal.

Assemble! Discover the Service Design SuperHero Inside of You


It takes courage to champion change, face adversity, and inspire others to see their organization in a new light. It takes being a Service Design Superhero! We want to inspire you to discover your service design superpowers, embrace your heroic transformation, find your super team, and have the strategy to face the odds stacked against you! All you need to do is look within to discover the hero inside you. Pick up your cape, your shield, your armor… Service Design Super Heroes, Assemble!

You’ll walk away with:

  • Practical tactics for activating your organization around service design

  • Confidence in how to take on new challenges

  • Faith in yourself and your abilities

  • A deeper understanding of how to develop the core capabilities needed to be a Service Design Super

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