Aaron Ferber

Aaron is Head of Product at Ai Software, a St. Louis startup using artificial intelligence to make access to business intelligence as simple as possible for today’s workforce. As Head of Product, Aaron is part of the company’s leadership team, involved in scoping company strategy, designing the product using a human-centered design approach, overseeing development, and advancing sales and operations.

Prior to joining AiSoftware, Aaron was a Director at global innovation and design consulting firm IDEO where he led the Chicago studio’s portfolio of work in connected technologies and technology strategy, and served as part of the studio leadership team. His work at IDEO ranged from designing liver transporters and radiation monitoring systems to omnichannel home improvement retail experiences, connected diabetes monitoring, and the occasional kitchen sink.

His passion is for guiding Fortune 50 enterprises and startups alike through creating new business ventures using a human-centered design approach, building organizational innovation capabilities, and creating experiences that make a meaningful difference in customers’ lives — especially those enabled by new technology. While currently a venture designer creating conversational interfaces, Aaron has a background in mechanical engineering and still has a soft spot for things that go thunk when they hit the table.

Never Run Out of Eggs Again: Designing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has long been promised to be the tech that finally accelerates us into our long-awaited automated future, but the throngs of society keep asking why “it isn’t here yet.” The reasons are many, but the biggest culprit may be a problem introduced at the earliest stages of designing IoT experiences. Let’s take a quick look at how designers can be the change agents that throttle us into our connected future, drawing on lessons from a decade designing connected systems at global design firm IDEO.

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