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Martha Valenta

A firm believer in the values of ethnographic research, design thinking methods, and a design sprint; Martha is a protean resource with natural leadership abilities.

Research... Still A Thing

Research… Still A Thing.

Martha will be co-presenting with Danielle Cooley and Tara Nesbitt. In the world of UX Unicorns, it’s easy to forget some of those Unicorns’ parts. One often-overlooked skillset: UX Research. When was the last time your organization ran a usability study? Did a card sort to inform a product’s information architecture? Did any ethnographic research to really understand your users and their environment? (By contrast, when was the last time you invented “Personas” by discussing probable end user characteristics around a conference table? Yeah.)

In this session, we’ll do our best to refresh everyone’s memory about what UX research is and why it’s important. (If you need it, we’ll also give you permission to go do some!)

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