Liz Kramer - Sam Fox School of Design

Liz Kramer

Liz oversees the Office for Socially Engaged Practice at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts.

As a human-centered design researcher, Liz explores participatory methods to expose user needs and translate them into experiences.

She teaches human centered design and worked as a human-centered researcher with clients like Nike and Vera Bradley.

Learning from Strangers: Everyday Methods for Exploratory Design Research

Learning From Strangers
User research is the process of seeking out and working with users to understand their context, needs, and assets.

It can feel intimidating to talk to people, or to find them in the first place… or to make sense of their different perspectives.

In this workshop, we’ll explore a spectrum of methods for user research that:

  • can fit into any project schedule
  • build empathy
  • lead to concrete insights about a topic

Through hands-on activities, we will put some of these methods into practice. Participants will explore core values of human-centered research, including:

  • listening
  • humility
  • native language
  • getting to the “why”

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